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WORMAZOLE 100capsules

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Paul Wood says "WORMAZOLE is the best gamefowl wormer on the market", kills all worms common to gamefowl imcluding tape worms. Wormazole is very easy on the system therefore it can be used anytime needed. Better than the old Wormal tablets.

It is one of the easiest wormers on your birds system, no set back, can be used even during the keep if necessary.

Normally one capsule is given to each 4 - 6 lb. bird or 0.25 ml or approximately 5 drops of liquid (in severe cases, treat for 3 days in a row) then retreat 10 days later to get any worms which were in egg form during the first worming, after that, use WORMAZOLE every 30 to 90 days, or as needed. DO NOT WITHHOLD FEED, the bird needs to have food in the digestive tract to get the most effective use of this wormer. If worming young birds, use liquid dropper at approx. 1 drop per pound of body weight (0.25 ml per 5 pounds), do not worry about giving a few drops too much, this wormer is very easy on the birds system and a slight overdose will not do any harm. For birds you do not want to handle, cut fresh bread into approx. 1 squares and drop the liquid wormer on bread and then toss it to penned fowl, they will normally eat it right up and get their worm medication the easy way (can also be mixed on other types of food or feed).