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THE PLAN --- F.B. McGuinness's Conditioning Method

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THE PLAN - F.B. McGuinness's Conditioning Method ( The Booklet + 8 bottles of Meds)

25 years ago, F.B. McGuinness sat down to write a conditioning method that would be affordable, cater to the working man, utilize new methods, and be adaptable in any climate. We achieved all that and more. The Plan has been revised many times over the years as new ideas and product come into play, but the basic no-nonsense work and feed method remain the same.

THE PLAN is basically a Hormone-Stychnine Keep with a Carbo-Loading Feed Method, and a basic rotation work method. Sounds like a lot of keeps huh? Not 25 years ago! The Plan was way ahead of its time then and with the periodic updates it is still on the cutting edge of our sport.

Cockers continue to use THE PLAN year after year because of the quality of the product included, the amount of personal expertise we provide, the versatility of the types of products we offer depending on your personal needs, and the changes that we make to this method as trends change within our industry. Once you buy THE PLAN, if we ever make any changes to the method, you can receive the updated copy of the Keep at no charge to you. How could you go wrong? Good basic nutrition, a stress-free conditioning method, and the finest gamefowl medications in the world.


THE PLAN includes the easy to follow "PLAN BOOKLET and medications listed below:

1/ AMINOVITE - The Original Complete Vitamin

2/ B15 100mgm - The Fatigue Fighter

3/ HEMOSTAT - The Bloodstopper

4/ NEOBICIDE - The Systemic Wormer

5/ NUX VOMICA - The Original Old Time Formula

6/ OMNIMYCIN - The Gamefowl Antibiotic

7/ TA-333 - Nitrotherm - The Most Powerful Hormone on the Market Today

8/ TRAVELEZE - The Traveling Aid / Stress Relief